Density determination rethought

In the powder metallurgical manufacturing process, a large number of parameters can be adjusted and set to produce a product with the desired properties. These include, among others, the pressing pressure at the powder press, the filling level of the powder in the tool and the temperature curve of the sintering furnace.

Process parameters finally optimally under control

All these parameters must be checked and adjusted when changing powder batches or tools in order to achieve consistent quality in the products. Density is a key parameter that can be used to adjust settings. If the density is found to be too low after pressing, the pressing pressure of the tool or the filling quantity can be increased. Based on the density of the sintered part, the temperature curve in the sintering furnace can be adjusted.

For all these adjustment processes, a measured density value that is as accurate as possible is needed as a guide. Until now, such an accurate density value could only be obtained in the quality laboratory, requiring a great deal of time and personnel, which meant long adjustment times for the production process. With Dimensionics Density, the density can be determined quickly, accurately and without prior knowledge directly in production. Via a connection to higher-level systems, the density value can be assigned to orders and automatically transmitted to other systems.


Full control for complex products

Multi-stage tools are used for the production of more complex components. In these, the filled powder is compacted in different levels to give the part the desired geometry. The filling heights of the mould cavities can be used to create areas with higher densities on a component. 

For parts produced in multi-stage presses, the densities of the individual segments generated by the different stages during pressing are of particular importance. Excessive fluctuations and density gradients can lead to distortion of the parts or even cracks in the sintering process. In addition, there is a risk that particularly stressed areas on the component do not receive the desired hardness and strength, thus posing a risk of early failure in the later application area. With Dimensionics Density, segment densities can be determined with high precision, which means reliable and always traceable quality in the production processes. Thanks to the know-how of our successful automation projects at Dimensionics GmbH, the segmentation of components can be automated via suitable separation processes in addition to density determination. This finally gives you full control over complex components.




The density platform as a solution

With this in mind, Dimensionics Density has developed a highly accurate, automated density determination solution that works in production environments. The technology is non-destructive and can therefore be used to check parts that meet density requirements and those that do not, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.